John Nervig Photography
    John Nervig is a professional photographer who owns and operates his own photography business in Allen, Texas.  For more than 36 years, he has been capturing images on film and digital.
    After graduating from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN in 1976, Nervig began his career in photography at National School Studios in Chicago, Ill.  He then spent 17 years in Minneapolis, where he was involved in commercial photography, specializing in advertising, catalog, industrial and product photography.
    In 1993, Nervig migrated north to Bemidji and opened a studio called North Winds Photography which provided commercial, family, senior and wedding photography--and always welcomed any challenges that may have arisen.
    Photography has always been a major influence in Nervig’s life, dating back to childhood.  When he was in fourth grade, he processed his first roll of black and white film and the future seed was set.  
     In 2005, the opportunity to move to Arizona arose and he started to establish his business in the southwest.  From 2005 until 2013 he spent time in both Arizona and North Dakota continuing in the line of commercial photography.
    In August of 2013, he relocated to Allen, Texas where he now resides.